Energy Company Helps Schools, Towns Convert to Wood Burning 

An energy company in Sumner wants to helps schools and public buildings stay warm and go green.Skanden Energy installs heating systems that run on wood. The company is currently converting oil burning systems to wood pellet boilers at Strong and Kingfield Elementary schools. Skanden worked with MSAD 58 to snag $1 million in federal funding for the projects.Superintendent Quenten Clark says the high school already burns wood for fuel and it’s made quite a difference.”We got stability in prices, we got money kept locally, we got better heat for our kids and like I say, it’s amazing how little smoke the wood burner produces, its far less than oil burners.”Skaden spokesperson Dan Cashman says, “Maine residents and consumers spend about a billion dollars overseas in heating costs alone. That money can stay in the state of Maine we we just being to start converting some of these facilities over to something that can be beneficial to the state.”More than $11 million in federal money is available in Maine for wood-to-energy projects in schools and public buildings.