Ellsworth Students Celebrate International Walk and Bike to School Day 

The rainy weather didn’t keep some Ellsworth students from walking to school today.About 650 students from the elementary and middle schools celebrated International Walk and Bike to School Day.Meghan Hayward caught up with the kids along their route.Ellsworth students in kindergarten through eighth grade hit the streets on foot in celebration of International Walk and Bike to School Day.They all met at two locations, one being the high school, then headed to either the elementary or middle school.”We really want to raise awareness about walkable communities. Our goal is that walking to school wouldn’t be an event but the norm.”Kelly McKenney, Health Coordinator for the Ellsworth Schools, says kids are not moving enough these days.McKenney says this event will get them on the right track.”We know that physical activity in the morning raises test scores. Kids do better academically when they’ve had physical activity in the morning. So if we can get kids up and walking to school in the morning it can make a huge difference.”Ninth grader Rachael Searchfield helped make sure the younger kids made it to school safely. She was happy to take part in the event.”Pretty important for exercise and just the experience of walking to school.”Seventh-grader Nathan King says he and a few of his friends walk to school often.But his favorite part about today’s walk.”Jumping in the puddles.”Fourth-grader Ashton Gardner liked being at the front of the line.”Because you got to lead them wherever you go.”McKenney says they’re planning another walk in the spring, then they’ll build from there.”And then hopefully our plan is to have a scheduled once a month walk to school day and have the kids know it’s coming and look forward to it every month.”