John Bapst Students Team Up to Clean Up 

Some John Bapst football players took time off the field today and hit the streets of Bangor.The players joined with school’s environmental group and other students to form a special cleanup team. Co-captain of the team Dan Keefe says, “We’re just trying to look around the the school, look around the neighborhood blocks and try to pick up some trash.”It’s an effort, organized by the school’s Student Environmental Action Committee, to keep Bangor beautiful. Shayne Andersen is the member of the group.”We just want to help our community by cleaning up the town. Just getting all of the trash picked up before the snow falls because we do this again for earth week during the spring and after the winter so we just want to get everything nice and clean.”The pickup project doesn’t go unnoticed, either. Student advisor and science teacher Chris Packard says students filled more than a dozen trash bags last spring. “We got dead squirrels, hub caps, coffee cups, we got all sorts of things – lots and lots of fast food trash.”Packard says it’s important for kids to see how easy it is to make a difference. “Taking pride in the environment and thinking about how they can pick up stuff instead of just throwing it on the ground. That’s one thing that just makes the neighborhood look at little better and it’s just one thing they can do for the environment.”The students and athletes, like Bill Stoddard, say even though it’s a dirty job, they’re glad they’re the ones to do it.”The community comes and cheers for us so I think we should do our part and help clean the community when we can.”