Pharmacists and Flu Shots 

Besides getting your pills from a pharmacist, you can now get your flu shot too.A new law has cleared the way for that.Adrienne Bennett spoke with a local pharmacy owner who says, it’s about time.(Script) You no longer have to go to your doctor to get a flu shot. Grab your grocery list and stop in at a local pharmacy.Maine is the last state in the nation to pass a law that allows licensed pharmacists to vaccinate you.Joe Bruno: “This is all part of healthcare reform spreading out who takes care of people and what their scope of practice is.” Joseph Bruno owns community pharmacy with ten locations across Maine.I spoke with him about the requirements pharmacists need in addition to their six years of training to administer these shots.Bruno:”It’s an all day class, but beforehand they have to do online training for about 12 hours. It’s hands on. They give each other injections and then they have to apply to the board of pharmacy to do it.”Adrienne: “In Maine, there are more than 1700 licensed pharmacists. However right now there are only about 50 who have the required training to give flu shots.” Seven out of 30 community pharmacists are ready to roll up their sleeves.Bruno: “There’s not an overwhelming rush yet. (splice to 10.13.15) A lot of the older pharmacists are trained to the doctor is this, the pharmacists does this. The younger folks are not that apprehensive about it.”Both h1n1 and seasonal flu shots will be available at pharmacies….certain immunizations will also be offered. Bruno:”This is something that should have been happening a long time ago.” Adrienne Bennett, WABI TV5 News.