New Business Magazine 

Starting next month, the publisher of Bangor Metro will put out a new magazine.It’s called Maine Ahead, and will be a monthly publication.Joy Hollowell shows us what readers will find inside.++++++++++++”We’ve looked at the business niche for a long time and we’re seeing that there’s no magazine in Maine that speaks to the issues of business.”Mark Wellman knows a lot about the business of magazines. His company, Webster Atlantic Corporation, publishes Bangor Metro, Real Maine Weddings and a number of custom magazines for companies. In about a month, they’ll introduce the latest addition to the news stands, Maine Ahead, a magazine all about business.”We have a very unique distribution formula in that we are a controlled circulation of 14,000 executives in Maine. So, people in charge is what I’m talking about,” says Wellman.While Bangor Metro caters to a regionalized readership, Maine Ahead will be state wide. Editor in Chief Tori Britton says this magazine will focus on all businesses, from the big corporations to the mom and pop operations.”It’s still pretty people-centric. We’re going to be doing a round table so that we’ll interview many people on one topic. One of the things we’ll be doing is called private tour, all these big places that you’ve seen but you wonder how it all works, what goes on behind the scenes,” says Britton.Wellman says he’s hired five additional people to help run the new magazine. It will include issues on green businesses, the tourism industry, and the election in the coming year.”There’s all sorts of opportunities for us to talk to intelligent people, who can give us the insight, their insight on what we can do as a state to try and make it easier for businesses to operate here, so we can bring more investment to the state, we can hire more people, we can pay better salaries. It’s about moving ahead,” says Wellman.Joy Hollowell, WABI TV 5 News, Bangor.