Husson Serves Up Some Soup 

”Dining should be providing a wide variety of foods to accommodate the needs of our guests. We have students that prefer to eat fast food types of things, but we also have students who made a real commitment to wellness, and we want to recognize and encourage that.” Says Michael San Antonio, Dir. of Diningn at Husson University.Monday, the folks at Husson University rolled out a new – healthier – addition to their menu, a soup bar.”I like that option! Cause some people don’t like what’s regularly being served, so you can go get something else.” Says Samantha Hall, a student.There are about 60 varieties in Kettle Cuisine’s line of Soups. The dining hall will feature four different options daily. “Kettle Cuisine Soups is an all natural soup company. All of our products are made from scratch. We make our own soup stock. We use fresh vegetables. No preservatives, no additives. We have a series of soups. We have vegan soups, dairy free soups, gluten free soups.” Says Denise Levesque, a representative for Kettle Cuisine.”This gives us some more variety. I think more people will take advantage of it. And I also think it will be a bit healthier, because I think there will be some fat free soups as well.” Says John Carll, a student.”It’s healthy because the college 15,the freshman 15. I’m worried about the junior 15!” says Hall.Monday was the first big test for the new addition – folks got to sample some of the soups. “I had some of the chili over on the new soup bar.” says Carll.”I got some pea soup and some shrimp corn chowder.” Rod Larson, Dean of Pharmacy adds.”Chicken noodle soup, and it’s wonderful! .. Better than Campbell’s!” says Rachel Reno, a student.The diners have spoken — looks like this will be a lunch line favorite! … The soup bar gets an ‘A’