Gone to the Dogs 

Man’s best friend was on display in Ellsworth Sunday.It was the Fourth Annual Canine Carnival.It was held in conjunction with the AKC, and done as a responsible dog ownership day.The rain dampened it some, and forced the cancellation of some of the events that were planned.But all in all the organizers were very pleased with the turnout and the day.The chairperson of the event is Debby Fitch and she wanted to make sure that if people were going to get a dog they did their research and got the right dog for them and their lifestyles.”We’re doing a meet the breeds which there are people representing our kennel club talking about specific breeds, they work with and give feedback on the care that they need and the type of exercise you’d have to give a dog. There are also rescue groups from different breeds.”There was an australian shepard rescue group and a greyhound rescue group on hand.There was also a canine photo contest and childrens dog show