Homeowners Show Off Solar Energy Systems 

Although it was a little dreary outside on Saturday, plenty of people were still out enjoying the power of the sun.Homes and businesses across the state opened their doors for the Maine Solar Energy Tour.Cindy Carusi’s home in Orono was one stop on the tour. She uses a solar water heater, and says it’s working hard even on a somewhat grey day like Saturday.She has black tubes on her roof and a water heater in her cellar. Carusi says the system has been so effective in reducing the amount of oil she uses, she wants to get the word out to everyone.”They can look at my installations, they can ask about tax credits, how it was done, what company did it, any type of questions they have while they’re considering doing it in their own homes. A lot of people don’t even know it’s out there. I really didn’t until I started looking into it,” she says.This is Carusi’s second year on the tour. She says last year she had lots of visitors, many who took pictures of her set-up. She says now, she’s looking into other ways to use alternative energy sources, including wind.