Vandalism at Joyce McLain’s Gravesite and Site of Where her Body was Found 

Joyce McLain was 16 years old when she was murdered.That was 29 years ago.Now, all these years later, both the site in East Millinocket where her body was found and the place where it was laid to rest, her gravesite, have been vandalized.State police are asking for help tonight to track down the vandal or vandals.Police and Joyce’s mother are also continuing the pursuit for her killer.Meghan Hayward reports.”There’s been some vandalism recently at Joyce’s stone to include some defacing of the headstone. As well as some vandalism out on the powerline where Joyce was found after she was killed.”A ceramic angel that had been placed by Joyce’s headstone was destroyed, along with some other items that were on display.But that isn’t all.”And there was some material smeared on her headstone, dark brown in color. Basically defacing her headstone in a derogatory manner.”There has been a cross on display for 29 years behind Schenck High School, the site where her body was found, and a portion of that was broken off.State Police Sgt. Troy Gardner says while these could be acts of random vandalism, it’s still important to look into.”Based on our work in the last 18 months, which is managing an active homicide case, it would be irresponsible for us to not consider the possibility that this activity was more intentional or more meaningful than an act of random vandalism.”Gardner says no other headstones at the cemetery were tampered with.The vandalism at the cemetery occurred during the weekend of September twelfth. But police don’t know if the damage to the cross happened at the same time.Joyce’s mother, Pam McLain, was shocked by the news.”I was surprised to hear that someone had done something like that because it’s 29 years and nothing like that has ever happened before.”But Pam isn’t letting the news set her back.”I’m waiting patiently. I really believe this is going to be solved and I’ve waited 29 years. I can wait 30 or 31.”Pam says she thinks the vandalism is a message for her to be quiet and stay out of the way, but it won’t stop her.She’s going to put a new cross behind the high school, one she says will be even more significant than the last.”It has a little more meaning to me because all the wood is different parts of the home here, so it’s from the heart from her home.”Gardner says anyone with any information that could help with the investigation can call State Police in Orono at 866-2122.