New Lincoln Company Offering as Much or as Little Oil as You Need 

Offering as much or as little oil as you need, that’s what a new company in Lincoln is bringing to the area.As Meghan Hayward tells us, the owner hopes to help those who may be struggling in a tough economy.A little less stress about how folks can afford heating oil this winter is what a new business in Lincoln is hoping to do.”To help the customer. To help the customer out with prices. I believe my prices will be very competitive if not better than other peoples.”Shaun Drinkwater is the new proud owner of Drinkwater’s Cash Fuel, which will deliver less than the average 100 gallon minimum most companies require.”With the 50 gallon minimum. If they want 50 gallons they can have 50 gallons for the same price of somebody who gets 150 gallons.”So far, Drinkwater says he’s gotten great reviews from local folks.”I’ve had excellent feedback. Everybody’s been waiting for it to get going.”Drinkwater is modeling his business on his sister’s.Amy Porter owns Cheap Oil Company in Newburgh.But her company doesn’t reach the Lincoln area, so Drinkwater decided it was time to offer it to them.He says he’s able to provide such low prices because he has no overhead costs.It’s something he feels will help a lot of people out.”I believe there’s a big need. Like I said, people are going to the pumps with buckets and if I’m in the area that day there is no problem dropping 40 to 50 gallons or whatever they need.”His sister Amy couldn’t be happier with his new business.”I was thrilled with it. I get a lot of calls from the Lincoln area that people need to get gallons that are less than 100 at a time.”Shaun only has one truck , and his wife does the book-keeping, but he says he may expand in the future.”I want to see how much it’s going to take off at first and then we’ll go from there.”