Weight Watchers: Microwave Magic 

Most kitchens have a work horse that gets overlooked as a weight loss tool. It’s your microwave! Jackie Conn, from Weight Watchers shares tipsand ideas for ways to use your microwave as an effective slimmingtool.The basics of Microwave cooking    * Always keep food covered when cooking in the microwave oven:this prevents splashing and keeps moisture in.    * Food cooks best on a carousel platform, as the rotation ensureseven heating.    * Be sure to place the cooking container in the middle of the oven.    * When foods are not uniform in shape, such as chicken breasts orfish fillets, arrange so that thin portions are toward the center ofthe dish.    * Only use cookware that is made for use in a microwave oven.Plastic storage containers, take-out containers and other one-time-usecontainers should not be used in a microwave oven.    * Do not cook large cuts of meat on high power (100%). They shouldbe cooked on medium power (50%) for longer time periods.    * Expect to hit the ‘pause’ button several times throughout thecooking time to stir contents. This ensures even cooking.    * Don’t skip the standing period because the food will continue tocook for several minutes once removed from the microwave.