Nan’s Corner 

Going to bed on time, helping around the house, doing homework. They’re all common routines for kids- yet they can present some of the biggest struggles for families.The producer of a local children’s video visited our studios with some tips she belives can help– all you have to do is step into Nan’s Corner.About Nan’s Corner-The Nan’s Corner DVD introduces a method designed to encourage children and support parents as all work cooperatively in the home environment.  Our primary goal is to give parents a learning tool, which will provide them with assistance to manage and assure a peace-filled home. From this, we believe children will thrive as the parents and child utilize the skills learned to maintain consistency in a calm home. The Nan’s Corner DVD helps establish a pleasant, easily implemented routine around the three most important times of the day:  Morning, Homework and Bedtime by incorporating storytelling, music and role playing.  The program will help families establish a routine that brings greater joy into the home and creates a more nurturing, loving environment for the entire family.  There are also 2 bonus music videos at the end of the program, Clap your Hands and Rock Star that promote friendship and cooperation.  Nan’s Corner will help kids focus on what is expected of them by providing tools which will keep the home and family happy and intact. Co-Creators Karen True & Krystyne Cheever each had an entertainment background and love of children. They shared a common goal to help families through performance. Interestingly, when they first met, Karen had already written a storyline about parents communicating with their children while Krystyne had a musical piece written for kids. Their separate projects morphed naturally, bringing Nan’s Corner to life.  For more information call 1-866-299-8015 or visit