Bookworm Reading Program in Guilford 

Something new has wiggled its way into the Guilford Primary School.It’s called the Bookworm Reading Program.As Meghan Hayward tells us, it’s fun for both kids and adults.”It’s really an opportunity for some of us that are Grange members to have a lot of fun with the kids. And feel like we’re contributing to their development and our community.”Six volunteers from the Valley Grange in Guilford participate in the Bookworm Program, which lets children read a book of their choice to the adults.Program Coordinator Walter Boomsma says it’s a hit with the kids.”Because it makes reading natural and it makes reading fun and exciting.”Even though the program is fairly new, Boomsma says he’s already seeing changes in the children.”I personally just notice they get more comfortable reading. It’s a natural thing, something you just do. It’s not something you only do in school.”Guilford Primary School third grader Kailee Ward looks forward to her time with the bookworms.”I think it’s really interesting because I enjoy reading with them.”Kailee thinks a program like this helps kids her age.”I think it’s important because kids really need to know what they learn and they need to know how to read. And I think the Grange Bookworm Program helps with that.”Second grader Wayne Haley and third grader Zachary Page says they’re learning a lot.”It’s kind of helping me to read better.””I think it’s helping me read better because if there’s a word you don’t know they tell you what it is and then you learn the word.”But Boomsma says the children aren’t the only ones benefiting from the program.”I come in here and I leave feeling good. The kids make me happy. I feel like I have done something.”