Wellspring Diabetes Program 

People living with diabetes may have another way to keep their disease in check, even turn it around.It’s called the Wellspring Diabetes Program. The plan centers on a plant-based diet, teaching people with type-2 diabetes what to eat and when, along with exercise.Paul Shortall of Hudson learned about it and now wants to share it with others, like Rob Gibbs.He was diagnosed with diabetes in February. Since he’s been on the program, Gibbs has lost nearly 60 pounds, and his blood sugar levels are practically back to normal.Gibbs says it’s a total lifestyle change – but well worth it. “It’s changed not only how I eat but how the whole family eats,” Said Gibbs on Tuesday. “And now we exercise. That’s the major key to this. You gotta do both. You can’t not exercise and eat right. You gotta do both.” “If you’re a diabetic or you’re pre-diabetic, the future is grim,” Said Shortfall. “You can lose your feet, you can lose your leg, you can lose your eyesight. Most diabetics die of heart attacks. and i don’t want to see people sick”There are two informational sessions about the program coming up.One is Thursday night at seven at the 7-day adventist church in Hermon.The other is next Monday night, October 5th at 6:30 at the Bangor Public Library.To register, call 478-6711.