Duck Hunting in Keith’s Korner 

Duck hunters are flocking into Maine.The inland season started this weekend. Sea duck season begins Thursday.Maine’s coast provides some of the finest eider duck hunting in the world. “This is a mature Eider Drake. They are spectacular flying in the air and on the water,” Says Arnie Clay of Thornehead Guide and Travel.When it comes to Eiders, Maine is one of the best places to hunt, the male Drake can weigh up to 6 pounds, and is the biggest duck in the northern hemisphere. “I had a client last summer, who I guided from Alabama, and he said ‘this is a dream come true,’ and ‘I always thought it would be like this.'”Landlocked as a kid, but Arnie Clay moved to the Bath area and has guided for 15 years. “The Eiders that come to Maine migrate from the north, and Maine is their vacationland in the winter months, it’s their summer vacation in the winter months.”According to Clay he’s guided clients from all fifty states, and you can’t underestimate the economic impact it has on our coastline economy.There are lot more duck hunting guides down east…the duck population is strong and the recession hasn’t seemed to deter people from their pursuit of ducks.spectacular to look at and great to pursue. “Hunter Eiders treacherous to say the least…it could be deadly…I hunt the three months of November, December, and January. Freezing temperatures, whipping winds, and very cold ocean temperatures.”Why then do you duck hunt? “For the excitement.”There is a daily bag limit of five per day, and ten in your possession.