Bar Harbor Welcomes the Queen Victoria 

Cruise ships aren’t a new sight in Bar Harbor, but the arrival of a particular, elegant vessel created quite a stir Wednesday. A big crowd was on hand to welcome the Queen Victoria.”Certainly it’s bigger than I anticipated, and the closer you get, the bigger it looks,” says Raymond Anderson, of Jefferson.She weighs in at 90-thousand tons and carries nearly 3-thousand passengers and crew. It’s Queen Victoria’s first visit to Bar Harbor.”It’s just amazing. Overwhelming, really, so beautiful and a beautiful spot to see it in, too,” Anderson says.Some folks got an up-close view on a trip with the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company.”The elegance of the ships, they’re just intriguing, and the size…I think it just captures people’s imaginations,” says Zack Klyver, with the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co.With luxury accommodations, the Queen Victoria is quite the dream for those on board. Many made their way into town Wednesday.”This town is absolutely beautiful and the people are so welcoming,” says Gabrielle Frank, of Yorkshire, England. “This is the nicest stop we’ve made up to here.””I’m just wandering around, having a look around, really. It’s lovely,” says Alan Belton. The town itself had a party-like atmosphere, with a full schedule of events and the sounds of the MDI High School Band to welcome both passengers and the ship’s many admirers.”I came out just for the fun of it. It’s a beautiful, beautiful day and a great opportunity to see Bar Harbor, the ship, everything that’s here,” says Bert Brewster, of Oakland.For local shops and services, the brief stop offered a bit of a boost for business.”During the day when the ships are here there’s just so many people, it’s so lively,” Klyver says. “Economically, we know it makes a big difference.”The next stop for the Queen Victoria is Canada.”It’d be nice to take a cruise on it!” Brewster says.