Bangor Landscaper Gets Honored Nationally 

Bob Bangs has been at it a long time, landscaping thatis. “Personally I started when I was 12 or 13, then went to high school, and went to the University of Maine, and right after I got out of the service, I started doing it.”Bangs is the owner of Windswept Gardens in Bangor. He does a segment here on TV-5 every Friday during the growing season. His company has been in business since 1972, now his landscaping is being recognized nationally by the magazine Total Landscape Care. “Well there was a contest and you had to write an essay,” Bangs says, “after they reviewed the essays, they picked a group of sub finalists.”Bangs says he wasn’t expecting the phone call telling him he was one of the 12 best landscapers in the country. “I was really quite shocked and astounded because number one, my son entered,” Bangs says, “I didn’t even know he entered. it was quite a shock when we were told we’re listed as one of the finalists.”He says he’s one of the lucky few who enjoys going to work every day. “I still enjoy getting up every morning and going to work it’s a great job. it’s like being an artist but you have much bigger canvas to work with and it usually gets better with age.”He found out he didn’t win the competition, but he was taken on a cruise in November with the other finalists. He says it’s just an honor to be considered. “It feels great after all these years to be recognized for some of the work we do, and be recognized by our peers, nationally.”