A Stolen Dixmont Town Sign 

A new landmark in Dixmont is missing. And folks in town are now asking for the public’s help in tracking down a welcome sign to the community. Meghan Hayward has the story.Folks in Dixmont are upset over a stolen town sign.” They were put just recently at the end of the Summer after the rainy season. The lady who was painting them since it was raining and was not the perfect weather to paint in it took her awhile.”” The sign was created by a local artist. And folks say they don’t even want to press charges. They just want the sign returned.”” And so if the thief or thieves I’m sure it is, could just bring it back to the town office we won’t ask any questions.”The artist was the one who discovered the missing sign last week.But Selectperson Lois Rowe says everyone is upset.” The whole community is hurt because we raised this money separate. It was through donations of time, money and materials.”Rowe says the fundraising for three signs began back in March and each one costs about nine-hundred dollars.And if they wanted to press charges.” The theft is a felon because of the cost of the signs.”Rowe says the signs really add to the town.” I think they speak for themselves. When people think of Dixmont they think of the rolling hills. It’s a rural community. We don’t actually have a town center it’s just all rural. And that’s what the people like about Dixmont. That’s what we love about it.”But the big message Rowe wants to get across.” We want our sign back. That’s all we really care about.”