Flu Plans for Business Owners 

There’s been a lot of discussion about H1N1 flu and seasonal flu in recent days.Now the federal government is advising small businesses how they should handle the flu season and what they can do to keep their workplaces and employees healthy.” I think many small businesses owners take a wait and see attitude with something like this but they also the successful and realize the importance of the program,” said Umaine Economics Professor Jim McConnon.The Small Business Association along with the CDC and the Department of Homeland Security have put out a pamphlet that have a number of useful tips for business owners to have as we enter the flu season and most deal with having a healthy personal hygiene in the workplace.” They can do that for example by providing tissue to having hand sanitizers and encouraging employees to practice good personal hygiene,” said McConnon, who is also the Business and Economics Specialist with the UMaine Cooperative Extension. ” Sometimes business owners get busy doing what they do and you don’t realize that some of the basics are really important and just reminding them of that has been very positive.” ” Developing a publication, educational materials to help plan for that I think is very positive and again as I said this is the first time that I’ve seen it on this side.”Because in this tight economy with businesses working with as little wiggle room as possible one sickness can be difficult to deal with in the workplace according to McConnon.” The fact of the matter is if someone gets sick to the point where they’re really unable to work or they’ll spread this to other employees then there has to be a policy in place to have to deal with that.”To see the plan you can log on to the website .