Country Music Fans Hear Familiar Voice On New Morning Show 

Country music fans who tuned into “The Bear” this morning woke up to a new morning show, and may have found one of the voices very familiar. “This was the first day today,” says Dupuis, “it went very well, it was surreal for both us.” The Paul and Kat show features country radio veteran Paul Dupuis, formerly of q 106.5, and Katrina Walls.After nearly a year out of radio, Dupuis remembered one thing about morning drive radio, “It was early….yeah mornings are early.”Dupuis had left radio for another opportunity, but couldn’t forget about radio. “It wasn’t in my heart and radio was chewing at me and as anyone in the radio business says, once it’s in your blood you’re trapped, you can never get out of it.”What can country fans expect from the new show? “The response has been great,” says Dupuis, “it’s just a load of fun, and what we do is just talk about ourselves and what we think Maine people are going to like from wacky stories, to what happens with us to keeping them updated with the stars.”They’re both hoping fans will appreciate having a local feel to their mornings. “It brings everything, the ability to interact with the show, to get your input on the show,” says Walls, “local weather, I mean I can open up the shades and see the weather, the same as you would so you don’t even have to get out of bed.””We’ll be able to relate to the audiences,” dupuis adds, “a syndicated show I guess the one advantage is they have they can have Carrie Underwood in the studio, hey she was invited this morning, we invited her, no calls, she never responded back, but maybe that will change.”