Alpaca Day 

Just across the street from the Common Ground fair in Unity Sunday, some alpaca farmers were celebrating, it was national alpaca farm day.Alpaca farms across the state opened their doors and welcomed visitors, to explain exactly what the alpaca lifestyle is all about, and the benefits of having the animals.The owners of Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm in Unity participated in the event.They say while rain did put a little bit of a damper on the day’s festivities. They were happy to talk to folks who are thinking of opening an alpaca farm since they say making the decision can be a big one. “I would say do your research, don’t just hear from one farm and think you know what you need to know, there is an incredible information online, do your research, do your reading, we actually researched for 3 years, volunteer on a farm if you can and go to as many farms as you can possibly visit,” Said Corry Pratt, co-owner of Northern Solstice.Pratt says her farm had around one-thousand visitors on Saturday alone. She attributes much of the crowd to the Common Ground fair across the street.