Common Ground Fair Has One Of The Best Years Ever 

According to jum Ahearn, the fair director at the Common Ground Fair, this may be the most unique event in Maine. “The Common Ground Fair is a traditional Maine fair in many respects,” he says, “it’s an agricultural fair, we’re here to celebrate the harvest of Maine.” On Sunday they brought the curtain down on the this year’s Common Ground Fair in Unity. This marks the 33rd year of this fall tradition here and the early numbers say it just may be the best. “This has been an amazing weekend,” Ahearne says, “it’s a little on the damp side today but yesterday was our biggest day ever, almost 26,000 people, and friday was the second biggest Friday ever.”This fair is known for bringing the people of maine a little closer together. “People making connections,” says Ahearne, “people getting to know who their farmer is, getting to know people where they can get advice and resources on, not just farming, we have artisans in a lot of different trades and crafts people here, furniture builders, fleece we have a tremendous fleece market, the whole gamut.”They also offer a food court serving primarily organic foods made from homegrown Maine products which means a big boost the food economy statewiede. “The food vendors here generate over $350,000 of direct buying from farmers and food processors right here in Maine, and that’s just on the wholesale level of what they’re doing to support Maine’s food economy.”Put it all together and the folks here have put on an event that has attracted the eyes of people from all over the country. “We’ve had guests that have come from Wisconsin,” Ahearne says, “we’ve had guests that have come from Georgia, from other organizations that have come here to figure out how can they do what MOFGA, Maine Organic Farmers Association, is doing here with the Common Ground Fair, it’s a truly unique event.”