Multiple Myeloma 5K Race/Walk 

The 5k Multiple Myeloma race and walk kicked off from Paul Bunyan Park in Bangor.The turnout for this was also higher than it was a year ago.This is the third annual event, and in the 2008 race 30 runners took part.This year it nearly doubled to 52 participants.The runners made their way through the west side of Bangor.Multiple Myeloma is a rare blood cancer, and this race is done to raise money for research.” The medical field has made a lot of advances even in a short period of time,” said race organizer Becky Reeve. ” What was the gold standard for treatment three years ago is not the same today, but there is no cure and I think any cancer you know whether it’s breast cancer or Multiple Myeloma or anything it’s important to raise money for research so we can find a cure.”Reeve’s goal this year was to get more support and therefore raise more funds for research.And she topped her amount raised from last year.This year the race raised 31 hundred dollars.