Mount Desert Island Band Asked to Perform in London 

Members of the Mount Desert Island High School band received some exciting news today.As Meghan Hayward reports they’ll be ringing in the new year in royal fashion.In about fifteen months members of the Mount Desert Island High School band will be tapping their feet to the beat of their music, in London.It’s a special honor but not a first time honor for some of the band members, they’ll be going back for a second time.” I didn’t believe it. I think it took me about a week before I realized he was serious and I actually had the opportunity to go from a rural town in Maine to one of the biggest and best cities in the world.”That city is London, England.The opportunity is to perform in the 25th anniversary New Year’s Day Parade.There will be more than 10,000 performers in the parade, which will have a street audience of about 500,000, and it will be on TV around the world.They’ve done it once before so they know what it was like the first time around.” Excitement, happiness. I felt like I was part of something, a bigger part of the world.”Executive Director of the parade Bob Bone and Deputy Lieutenant of London Roger Bramble traveled to MDI to deliver the news.Bone says they were an easy choice.” A very very good reputation for making very good music. We we’re attracted to them first of all because they have a good concert reputation.”Bone says it may have been an easy pick for them, but it took twelve years to convince the high school music director to make the trip.He says they brought a lot to the parade two years ago, and he is sure they will add even more this time around.” Every American band adds a great deal to the parade. But I think it’s the first band from Maine that had ever marched in the parade so that was quite something for the audience.”Music Director Daniel Granholm says now the real work begins. ” The marching part is a big effort because we don’t march very often. So in order for us to look good and sound good and play outside that’s a lot of hard marching band work.”A lot of hard work for an opportunity Deputy Lieutenant Roger Bramble says will stay with the students for a lifetime.” I have always felt that kids who love and practice music are more alive to all that’s out there.”