Generations of Common Ground in Unity 

The Common Ground Country Fair in Unity got off to a big start Friday. Sustainable living has been the fair’s focus for more than 30 years – and it gets all ages involved.Organizers say about 15 thousand people showed up here Friday morning. Some have been coming every year for decades, like Sara Christy, who’s a part of the Wednesday Spinners.”It’s changed over the years, but I think it’s unique, I think Maine can be very proud because it represents a lot of essential Maine values. Sustainability and independence, and making do with whatever you can get your hands on,” Christy says.Some folks are newer to the scene, like Kacie Loparto. “She Sells Seaweeds,” that she’s learning to harvest sustainably.”The person that I apprenticed with offered me the opportunity to sell some of the seaweed and learn about starting a small business and educating people. So that’s what I like best about it, is educating people about the seaweeds.”Organizers with the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association say as always, a highlight of the fair is connecting with folks from all around the state, from all generations.”The thing that is exciting to me, is seeing how the next generation of farmers and young people are getting involved in different ways. Whether it’s new farmers, apprentices, our journey persons or our Young Entrepreneurs Zone,” says Russell Libby, MOFGA executive director.Milo Stanley was in the Zone Friday – at 14, he already has several businesses. “It’s relaxing and productive, you can make all sorts of cool things,” Stanley says.”These young people are creating products and learning to run a business, which is exciting,” Libby says.Good food, live shows, lively discussion – folks at the fair have a lot of excitement to choose from.”The kids are always a lot of fun, because we have to hook new people into the group,” Christy says.The Common Ground Fair in Unity is open from 9 to 6 Saturday and 9 to 5 on Sunday. It costs ten dollars for adults and is rain or shine.You can find more fair information online at MOFGA.