Cianbro Employees Celebrate 60th Anniversay 

A large crowd gathered in Pittsfield today.It was a celebration for a Maine company that’s been around for 60 years.Meghan Hayward has the story.”Things went on from there as far as the company. Just grew, grew and grew. But not without some ups and downs. More than once we were hanging by a shoe string.”But Cianbro was able to hold on and is now celebrating its sixtieth anniversary.Vice president Kenneth Cianchette has been there from the beginning.”Well, it’s been a great place to see the company grow from basically nothing to where it is today.”One of the things he’s most proud about.”The company is entirely employee owned. So 100 percent of any profit the company makes goes into a retirement plan for the employees.”Cianbro President Andi Vigue says they’re happy to have made it this far.”I think it’s very significant. Sixty years in business is no small milestone. We were very happy at 50 years and now we’re at 60 and we’re looking to go to 100.”Four-hundred employees were at the celebration.Vigue says much of the company’s success is because of them.”It shows we have the ability to adapt over those sixty years. The economy has gone up and down. We’ve had many challenges and we’ve always overcame them. It’s because of our people and what they do everyday and their willingness to adapt.”And Vigue says that means there are more great times ahead for Cianbro.”The future is bright.”