Brewer Salon Thanks Military with Relaxing Gift 

For men and women in the military, the responsibility of serving our country can be stressful. That’s why a business in Brewer is thanking them, in a very relaxing way.Mary McGary is trained in the art of pampering people. Now she and her husband Tom – who own Balance Hair and Body in Brewer – want to share those skills with some folks who deserve it. “Tom and I came up with this idea to say thank you to military, for all that you do.””We call it a gift of balance and what we’re trying to do is give back to a segment of the community that I think really deserve it. It’s the least that we can do for people that protect us.”The McGary’s are offering members of the military $50 off any full-priced service at the salon – from haircuts to facials to massages. The offer also applies to spouses, like Jodi Veneziano, the wife of a Major in the Army National Guard. “This actually allows you to take time for you – which is the last thing you think about because if you’re a military spouse, you’re thinking about the kids, you’re thinking about the house, you’re thinking about the bills, you’re thinking about the pets. You’re doing two people’s jobs.” The folks at the salon say they hope that military men and women see that self-care, isn’t selfish. And it can actually help couples, like one who came in recently, survive the rigors of service.Jessica Mingo-Dickel says, “They left holding hands and that’s nice, that’s really nice. For a small period of time, that he’s home, it’s nice. It gives them something to talk about – a new experience.”Tom McGary adds, “I’m not a military family, but I know people that are. It’s a very stressful situation, even for me looking from the outside to see these people and these families and maybe we can help them with some of that.”For more information on the “Gift of Balance”, military members can check in with their Family Assistance Center SpecialistYou can also call 989-1998 or go on-line to