University of Maine Celebrates Hazing Prevention Week 

Fraternity and sorority members, along with other students, lined up to sign the hazing prevention statement Thursday at the University of Maine. According to UMaine Junior Brian Harris, a Sigma Phi Epsilon member, this is something they take seriously here. “All fraternities individually have their anti-hazing policies,” says Harris, “we’re here today as a Greek community to show our support, backing each other up as well as the administration that’s something we won’t stand for.” The administration here has remained vigilant over the years to keep hazing as a practice of the past says Dr. Robert Dana, the V.P. of Student Affairs. “The last hazing incident I can recall was 1992,” Dana says, “so we’ve been telling our students of course for many years and they’ve been fully engaged in this, they understand the idea of brother hood and sisterhood or team connections those are very important but the way you get to that is through kindness you don’t do it by some crazy old tradition.”Fraternities and sororities on campus, as well as the sports teams, have found more productive ways to bond with new members and teammates.”We just do fun activities with our new girls, nothing exciting or crazy,” says Phi Mu Sorority V.P. Caitlyn Rafferty.Brandi Rideout, Director of Student Athletes Services says the sports teams are following suit. “A lot of teams go white water rafting, the ROTC groups on campus do a great job of working with our teams, they do ropes courses, paintball, our hockey teams hiked Mt. Katahdin so we’re doing a lot of things like that.”Dr. Dana wants to keep the prevention of hazing on top of everyone’s priority list around here. “You always want to remind people we have 2000 new students every year and 2000 students leave, and hazing is a national problem so we want to keep this in the forefront of our discussion.”