Old Town High School College and Career Fair 

A lot of high school students aren’t sure what they want to do with the rest of their lives.Some students in Old Town might have a better idea because of something that happened at their school today.Meghan Hayward takes us to their job fair.”If you invite colleges to come in here. You get students at least a snapshot of possibly a connection with a variety of colleges, military and employers.”Junior Dacie Manion took advantage of the fair.”But now I’m getting closer to the time when I want to be applying for colleges. I did a lot of research this summer and thought this would be a great opportunity to talk to some of the programs I’m interested in.”Manion says she is interested in math and science.And was impressed by something she encountered at the job fair.”How willing the representatives from the organizations are to give you a lot of their time. I was worried that with their being so many students walking by they wouldn’t have time to do individual questions, but they’re very helpful.”First-year Destani Cotton was on the look-out for performing arts schools.But one booth, Women Unlimited, took her by surprise.”It did actually catch my interest when I found out what it was.”Executive Director of Women Unlimited Lib Jamison says that is the kind of thing she likes to hear.”A lot of these girls are not really thinking about road and bridge construction. But what we are doing is planting a seed for the young women and men because as they come by here they might think yeah that’s nice. But in five years when they have a child or have to earn a livable wage they might remember us.”Jamison says more schools need to hold career fairs.”These folks need to know what options are available to them because even though they may not want to use them now they will probably want to use them later.”Old Town High School Principal Scott Gordon says it’s certainly worthwhile.”If they can today get some sort of connection. Be it a business card, phone number or face-to-face connection that can help them later on that’s what this is really about.”