Bradford Man Grows Nearly 1100 Pound Pumpkin 

Elroy Morgan has spent the past 8 years trying to grow the biggest pumpkin in Maine state history: this year he may have just done it. “I started indoors right around the 25th of April,” he says, “it went out the first week in May in the greenhouse.”What was a promising start quickly took a turn for the worse when the rains came. “It didn’t look good for me when this pumpkin was still under 200 pounds by August 1st,” says Morgan, “I said to myself this isn’t good, but boy was I wrong, when August came around that’s when the big time growth came it was growing an estimated 33 pounds a day” Today the pumpkin has an estimated weight of 1075 pounds but it’s still growing. “The Maine record is 1130 pounds this particular seed is known to go heavy on scales,” he says, “it will grow probably a little more I’m hoping to squeeze out another 25 pounds or so before I cut it from the vine and when I put it on the scale I’m hoping it will go heavier than 1130 so this could be a new Maine record.”Morgan, who works as a custodian at the Cohen School in Bangor, says he has a few tricks up his sleeve, including using a lot of organic matter in the soil. “This year what I did differently is I used more composted cow manure which was 20 yards of composted manure in the fall that I spread.” Pumpkins aren’t the only record breaking squashes he’s growing here. “I got a possible world record long gourd,” Morgan says, “I had a peak growth of 7 inches a day, right now it’s 127 inches that world record stands at 127.5 inches, so I got a chance at beating that world record in a couple days.”He’ll find out if this pumpkin breaks the Maine record Sunday in Cumberland. “It would be great, 8 years of growing and my dream to beat the Maine record, it would be the best thing in my life.”