Seniors In Bangor Enjoy End of Summer Clam Bake 

Some seniors in Bangor found a tasty way today to wrap up summer and welcome in fall – with a good old fashioned clam bake. Jean Davis is use to a coast of Maine meal. “My husband came from Stonington. We had lobster, clams and all that stuff all of the time. Crabs.” But it’s a taste she’s never grown tired of.”Oh, yes – it’s a delicacy – love it. Don’t have it that often.”Davis one of nearly 80 residents at Phillips-Strickland House in Bangor to take part in this end of summer treat. Activities Director Linda Nickerson says “We have lobster and clams. For those who don’t like lobster and clams, we have chicken and we have corn on the cob, potato salad, cole slaw and Maine blueberry cake for dessert.”Nickerson says, for years, the residents use to board a bus and take a trip to the coast for a meal like this. Now, with the help of Bangor Savings Bank, the coast comes to them. “It’s just been a hit because we’ve been able to let all of our residents enjoy the meal. Not as many people could go on the bus trips now as they did in the past.”Gilberte Bickford’s been looking forward to this plate full of food for a long time.”Oh, it’s wonderful. The lobsters – they’re so big! And the clams, I don’t eat clams, but some does. But it’s everything that’s good.”And Nickerson says it’s a good way to say goodbye to summer.”The residents are just truly enjoying this. This is something extra special. They don’t get lobster and clams on their regular menu, so this is just an extra treat for them. And it’s nice to see the the full dining room and everyone enjoying themselves.”