Samson Found Not Guilty 

A jury has found a 23-year-old man from Windham not guilty of murder.Agostino Samson was accused of killing a former employer and leaving the body in a car on train tracks to try to make the death look like an accident.Jurors met briefly Monday in Oxford County Superior Court, and deliberated throughout the day. They delivered a verdict late Tuesday afternoon.Prosecutors say Samson killed 25-year-old Scott Libby of Raymond by strangling him and beating him with a frying pan.This morning, jurors were re-read testimony from a fingerprint expert with the Maine State Police Crime Lab.Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson said a key point of evidence in the case is Samson’s fingerprint on a doorknob, which likely contains the victim’s blood.The defense disputed that likelihood, and raised questions about the quality of the police investigation.