Pot Bust in Washington County Possibly Largest in Maine 

A Tuesday afternoon law enforcement flight has led to the discovery of an outdoor marijuana growing operation in Washington County that could be the largest ever found in Maine.An estimated 50 members of law enforcement, including members of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, are at the area about 12 miles off Route 9 outside the town of Wesley. The marijuana plants stand between five to eight feet tall and the crops cover a several square mile area.”We’re talking thousands of plants,” McCausland said.He said the plants are located in plots in a remote, wooded, swampy area. This month marks the end of the marijuana growing season. No one has been found on the property, but McCausland said that when members of a law enforcement agency spotted the crop in a flight Tuesday, growers began to set plants on fire. Law enforcement officials arrived on the ground Tuesday afternoon and emergency responders put out the fire.Seizure of the plants could last until the end of the week.”This has the makings of the largest crop ever seized by law enforcement in Maine,” McCausland said.