Folk Festival Organizers Weighing Their Options For Next Year 

Organizers of the American Folk Festival held a press conference today to talk about the financial shape of the event. They tell us the festival drew more than 100,000 people to the waterfront this year. Despite having one of their biggest opening days ever, organizers say they are still around $130,000 in debt.They’re now asking for a little more help to dig out. Maria Biaza is the Chairperson on the Folk Festival Board and she says they’re asking they’re supporters for a little more help. “We’re having a conversation with our major sponsors who we couldn’t have done this without,” she says, “the city we couldn’t have done this without them, but yet they need to be included in this conversation, and our festival goers, would they come to the festival if they were charged, would they give to the bucket brigade if there was a charge, these are all things we need to look at.”Rain put a damper on the final numbers for the Folk Festival this year. The bucket brigade managed to raise more than $100,000. The festival costs about $1,000,000 to put on every year.