Excise Tax Forum 

One of the issues Mainers will be deciding in November is a measure that would cut the excise tax on newer and more fuel efficient vehicles.Folks who have questions about that ballot initiative can head to a forum at the Muddy Rudder Restaurant in Brewer tomorrow morning.Meghan Hayward spoke with two of the panelists.In November, residents will be asked whether they want to reduce the municipal excise tax on motor vehicles less than 6 years old by an average of 55 percent and to exempt hybrid and other alternative-energy and fuel-efficient vehicles from sales tax and three years of excise tax.The topic will be debated at an Excise Tax forum Wednesday which will give folks the opportunity to ask questions and form their own opinions.Old Town City Manager peggy daigle says only about 30 percent of mainers will benefit from the decrease in excise tax rates.”It affects those people who can afford to buy a new car or have newer cars. Those people that don’t, whose vehicles are at least six years older, are going to see very little to no impact.”But the Chairman of the More Green Now Campaign, Chris Cinquemani, says mainers will see benefits.”I believe Maine’s excise taxes are too high and too much of a burden for Maine families and businesses. And I know by reducing that excise tax burden, we will have a tremendous positive financial impact on Mainers across the state.”Cinquemani will be one of the panelists at the Excise Tax Forum at the Muddy Rudder.”Maine’s excise tax is the seventh highest in the nation. And 22 other states pay no excise tax at all. So here we have another example of Maine leading the pack when it comes to tax burden.”Daigle says if the measure passes, services like road work will have to be cut.”The problem that we’ve encountered is that what some people think is a service you can do away with is not what someone else feels you can do away with.”The Excise Tax Forum will be held tomorrow morning at the Muddy Rudder in Brewer as part of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce early bird breakfast to RSVP, you can call 947-0307.