Penobscot County Transition Team Workshops 

The Penobscot County Transition Team held a workshop in Bangor to assist laid off workers make plans for their future.The goal of the workshop was to review and check in on previous workshops that have been held for those who have been laid off, or are facing pending layoffs.The transition team also wanted to plan for the future by making estimation on any changes that may be coming on the job front, for employment or unemployment.The early assumptions is that the job market may be stabalizing in our region.But that does not stop them from planning more workshops to help those workers who are still without a job right now.The Coordinator of the Penobscot County Transition Team is James Macomber and he is ” Hoping to get the workers in to see these workshops and prepare them for their pending layoffs, get them familiar with the career centers so that they can access those services as well.”Topics at the workshops included working on a budget, how to avoid a foreclosure, and starting your own business.They plan to meet again in the next two months.