Yes on 2 Rally 

Question two on Novembers ballot is shaping up to be a heated issue.It asks whether or not Maine should reduce the excise tax on cars which are less than six years old, and exempt some energy efficient vehicles from the sales tax.A group pushing to change Maine’s auto excise tax called More Green Now has started its campaign.They set up shop at Rowe Ford in Westbrook with demonstrations of how much Mainers would stand to gain by lowering the excise tax.In a five year span, the group says motorists in Maine could save as much as $3,600. “Question 2 is simple, it keeps the promise of real tax relief to maine families and it would maine the most affordable state to buy a green vehicle,” Said Tarren Bragdon from More Green Now. “It would provide at least 80 million dollars in real tax relief to maine families.”Those opposing the move, the group No on 2, say changing the tax is an unfair shift that could cause property tax increases.They worry that a cut in excise taxes will hurt Mainers on the local level. Saying road repair and maintenance would be gutted by 40% and critical emergency services would suffer greatly.