It’s Lights Out for Guiding Light 

It’s lights out for Guiding Light.The long running soap opera aired it’s final episode today.Meghan Hayward watched it on TV5, alongside some folks who’ve been fans of the show for years.In recent decades Guiding Light was set in the midwestern town of Springfield.But after 72 years on radio and TV, the CBS soap opera is over.Ninety-year-old Mary Deroche has been a fan of the show for many of those years.”Oh my god, it must be about twenty years if not more.”So what’s kept her a loyal fan all these years?”Well I got so interested in the characters. So I knew them. I just love them, everyone of them.”Mary says the ending of the show will leave a big void in her life.”It’s just like part of my life is gone. I feel that way I really do. I wake up in the mornings and if it’s a weekday I know it’s going to be on. It’s just a part of my life.”Guiding Light began on radio in 1937 and moved to TV in 1952.But in recent years, the show’s ratings dropped, making it the least watched of the network soaps.But 74-year-old Marion Osden has remained faithful since she was a kid.”Sad because I’ve watched it so long.”While tears were shed, Mary feels the soap is going out on a good note.” It’s ending the way that I think it should.”With the words “The End” fading out on the screen, the light went out on Guiding Light.In two weeks, CBS will fill that slot with a new edition of the game show “Let’s Make a Deal” with host Wayne Brady.