Harmony Playground Dedication 

After two years of hard work, and a bit of a sacrifice from their school principal, the folks at Harmony Elementary School officially opened their new playground.The old set was more than 40 years old, and they say, a safety hazard.Kids at the school raised more than $1,000 in pennies for a new playground, and, as had been promised as motivation, their principal kissed a pig.After all of that, it looks like the playground is a hit with the students: “I like the fireman’s pole.” “The fireman’s pole.” “I like the fireman’s pole and the big slides.”Their Principal, Mike Tracy, says that building the playground was truly a community effort. “We had everyone, from concrete folks pitch in, and a local gentleman, CJP’s, put a lot of effort in, pro bono.”They say it took support from parents, multiple grants, and help from folks in the community to get the new playground up.Principal Tracy says it’s a good example for kids of what can be accomplished if you work for it.