Troop Greeters Greet Troops 

Bangor’s troop greeters have been getting a lot of attention with the showing of the documentary about them, “The Way We Get By,” at Bangor Cinemas.But on Wednesday the attention was turned back on the people the greeters say really deserve it: the men and women who serve.Members of the United States Navy passed through BIA around 11 o’clock Wednesday morning.They flew in from el Paso, Texas. The troop greeters were there, as usual, to shake their hands as they went by.Many of the greeters here are veterans themselves, who say they just want to show their appreciation. “It’s just a privilege to be here and I don’t know what I’d do without it.” Said greeter Gerry Mundy. “I’m just overwhelmed by how many young people are willing to put it all out there and do what they have to do, I wish the whole country would be so grateful for it.”At this point they’ve seen nearly 4500 flights pass through B.I.A. carrying more than nine-hundred-thousand troops.