Question 2 Debate Kicks Into Gear 

With the November election approaching, some groups are working to raise awareness on question #2: an excise tax initiative.City and town officials joined others gathered in Bangor on Wednesday to urge folks to vote “no” on two.The initiative would cut excise tax on vehicles less than six years old, by an average of 55%.It would also exempt some hybrid and other fuel-efficient vehicles from sales taxes and three years of excise taxes.Opponents say it’s a bad deal since excise taxes help cities and towns pay for road projects like maintenance and snow removal. “We’re very concerned that that proposal could create major problems in terms of the ability of towns and cities to maintain 14,000 miles of local roads statewide and 850 local bridges. And it could also possibly result in a shift onto the local property tax,” Said Chris Lockwood of the Maine Municipal Association.On Thursday a campaign urging a “yes” vote on two kicks off.Folks with More Green Now say the excise tax cut would save Mainers $80,000,000 a year, while promoting more fuel-efficient cars.On Wednesday, Sept. 23rd at the Muddy Rudder in Brewer there is a debate on this issue that will start promptly at 8am.