Bangor Doctors Performing “Laser Liposuction” 

Two Bangor-area physicians have joined forces to offer a unique cosmetic surgery procedure.It’s called “Smart Lipo”…it uses lasers to remove unwanted fat cells.And as Amy Erickson reports, the doctors are the first in Maine to be doing it.This is laser liposuction.And while it may look a lot like traditional lipo…there are some big differences.The patient behind the drape is wide awake…talking and listening to music.”The procedure’s done in an outpatient setting. No general anesthesia. So the patient is anesthetized with a topical anesthesia and given a mild sedative.”Doctors Stephen Nightingale and Richard Mazzei have teamed up to form “Contours.”It’s a Bangor practice devoted to laser lipo…it’s the only one of its kind in Maine.”It’s for people who are not grossly overweight but have an area of fat deposition that’s been difficult to get rid of with dieting and exercising…traditional means.”Here’s how it works.The doctors use a laser to heat up and melt away the fat cells…they’re then suctioned out through a canula.The heat from the laser also helps with the look of the skin after the procedure.”That causes, over the course of a couple months, some really nice tissue tightening. So you get a better aesthetic contouring result.”So why would a patient choose laser over traditional lipo done in a hospital?”You get less complications, no need for general anesthesia…it’s a way of taking the fat cells out without having to put the patient to sleep.””with the use of the laser, we can reduce bruising, swelling and as a result, the patient can get back to work within just a couple of days.”The doctors estimate the cost is about half of traditional lipo…since there’s no hospital stay or anesthesiologist to pay for.Right now, the belly and thigh areas are the most popular with patients…but there are other options.”Areas that classically need more tightening as opposed to fat removal such as the chin area or underarm area are also very popular.”