Two Trucks Collide In Orrington 

A dangerous intersection, and a driver who wasn’t paying attention, that combination is what police say caused an accident in Orrington earlier today.The accident happened around 11:30 this morning. 42-year-old Scott Moore of Blue Hill was attempting to cross the Dow road while hauling a car with a one ton Chevy truck, when he collided with a pick-up truck driven by 27-year-old Neal Morrill of Orrington. Both vehicles wound up off the road. Morrill suffered a slight head injury but refused transport to the hospital. Penobscot Sherriff’s on the scene said the accident could have been a lot worse. “It could have been very serious, this is actually a bad intersection to see through, there’s trees in the way, somebody could have been seriously hurt,” says Sgt. Jon Carson of the Penobscot County Sherriff’s office.No charges are pending at this time, but the State Police are investigating. Speed is not believed to be a factor.