New WalMart Brings Jobs to Ellsworth 

Shoppers in the Ellsworth area have a new place to spend their money.A new, expanded Wal-Mart store opened Wednesday morning on Myrick Street in Ellsworth.As Amy Erickson tells us…besides bringing more shopping options to the area…the new store is also bringing an economic boost to the area.<"welcome to your new Walmart! Come on in and shop."The crowds were ready when Ellsworth's new WalMart opened its doors Wednesday morning."W-A-L-M-A-R-T! What's that spell? Walmart!"Managers cut the ribbon after a ceremony featuring a 21-gun salute and presentation of the colors.*nats of ceremony*The new space is more than a hundred thousand square feet larger than the old location on High Street.It features a grocery store, hair and nail salons, a Dunkin Donuts and a drive-thru lawn and garden center.The store's layout is also easier to navigate, with wide aisles and enhanced service."it allows a more diverse area of shopping. Better varieties, better offerings to customers in the ellsworth area.""it's been a long time coming. People have been talking about Walmart expanding for four or five years."Ellsworth's City officials say shoppers aren't the only ones who'll benefit from the store's expansion."the opening of this facility has created a need for expanded staff. Now there are over 400 jobs filled by people from this area."bi"when walmart does a project like this, brings this amount of pure square footage, inventory,'s an opportunity for people to come to this area. It's good for everyone and it's certainly good for the Ellsworth chamber and all 600 plus members, so thank you very much."City Manager Michelle Beal says she's confident the new store is the start of big growth in the Ellsworth area."we're very proud they chose Ellsworth to expand in. With the economy the way it is, I think it shows a lot of confidence in Ellsworth and the area and we're extremely proud."Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Ellsworth.>