BIA & Allegiant Airlines Announce Non-Stop Service To Tampa 

Non-stop service: that phrase is music to any travelers ears. Now folks in the Bangor area, looking to escape old man winter, can do just that with the help of Allegiant Airlines says their Director of Sales John Fenyes. “Effective November 20th, we’re gonna start non-stop service to the St. Pete, Tampa area, with large 150 seat airplanes,” says Fenyes.Allegiant says they will start with introductory fares of about $90, with two flights per week, leaving Bangor Mondays and Fridays. The introductory fare must be purchased by October 7th and it’s good for travel through February 10th. “Then it skyrockets, it goes up about $20,” Fenyes says with a smile on his face.Representatives for Allegiant and BIA say they have been more than satisfied since they teamed up in 2007. This isn’t Allegiant’s first non-stop flight to Florida, they also offer non-stop flights from Bangor to Orlando, which is the most popular flight leaving BIA. Rebecca Hupp is the Director at BIA and says she’s more than pleased with Allegiant. “We do have a very good working relationship with Allegiant,” says Hupp, “we courted them for quite awhile before they announced service in 2007, since then, service in this market has grown and will continue to grow.”Fenyes is hopeful Allegiant can continue to serve Bangor for the foreseeable future. “Hopefully this is just the beginning,” he says “the community has supported us, the airport has supported us, and the research shows us this is a wonderful addition for our company.”Hupp is hopeful BIA’s relationship with Allegiant will help lure other airlines to Bangor. “We certainly are talking to other carriers and make proposals to them for coming to Bangor and we’re optimistic we’ll be able to continue to add service.”