Residents Expected to Sell Homes to the Town 

Half-a-dozen homeowners in Winslow will likely be selling their property to the town soon. This week, six Dallaire street residents were notified the town has received a federal grant to help buy the homes that sit on an unstable slope overlooking the Sebasticook River. The federal emergency management agency is awarding more than half-a-million dollars to pay for the homes and demolish them because of safety issues. The total cost will be nearly 7-hundred thousand. The remaining tab will be picked up by local taxpayers.Land consultants have deemed the Dallaire street slope as unstable because the layer of waste the homes were built on in the late 70’s has been shifting over the years. One of the homes has already been evacuated due to safety concerns.A meeting will be held at the town office with property owners thursday to discuss what the next steps will be.