Postal Worker Accused of Pepper Spraying Child and Chihuahua Puppy 

For most of us, mail delivery is something we rarely think of. It shows up every day at about the same time in our mail box.But as Wayne Harvey tells us, on Saturday morning at one home in Dexter, mail delivery was anything but routine.=========It began when Caitlin Wintle, her seven year old daughter Kelsey and their ten month old chihuahua, Ali went to take out the trash a little before ten Saturday morning.At the same time, the mail carrier was coming up the driveway.”Ali went to the edge of the lawn and she stopped there, she was wagging her tail but she was barking at her because she doesn’t know her, but she was kind of excited and at that point she took something out. I didn’t know what it was at that point and was spraying her in the face continuously with it,” says Caitlin.The second grader was the closest to the dog.”It was a white bottle with a red cap,” says Kelsey. “She sprayed it a lot at Ali and then she put, Ali put her face in the ground and scratched at her eyes and that’s when I went to get her.””And the only time she stopped was when Kelsey got up and turned around and she had Ali in her arms and got up on the deck and the woman put the mail in the mailbox and she was leaving the driveway and she was swearing and mouthing not everything I heard, and got into her truck and took off. She never said anything, she never said what she just sprayed on my daughter and dog she didn’t say anything she just took off,” says Caitlin.Once Caitlin got inside with Kelsey and Ali and got a chance to look at both of them, she called 9-1-1.”The whole top of her body and her face were drenched and it eventually hardened and Kelsey’s hair the whole top of her hair was hardened and the whole side of her face was all red and it was starting to swell up, and the EMT told us that she definitely took a direct hit in the eye, with whatever that woman had,” says Caitlin.A spokesperson for the Northern New England District of the US Postal Service says that some of the details as reported are in dispute, and when the carrier sprayed the dog, it appeared the child may not have been in the immediate vicinity. But the Postal Service will wait until the investigation is complete before drawing any conclusions.The spokesperson says in 2008, the same letter carrier was bitten by a dog while delivering mail on her regular route in Dexter, and she received stitches for that injury.He says the carrier was back at work Monday, not carrying mail on her regular route but performing alternative duties.The Postal Service did not release the carrier’s name, but called her a longtime, respected employee.Caitlin Wintle disagrees.”She was not professional, Kelsey was right there and she kept spraying so she needs to, she was out of control.”Wayne Harvey, WABI TV5 News, Dexter.