Milo Restaurant Set To Open Thursday One Year After Fire 

One year after a fire devastated downtown Milo, one local business is set to reopen its doors. Hobknobbers owner Valerie Robertson says it has been a lot of hard work since that terrible day one year ago. “I guess the next step was shock for a few days afterwards,” she says, “just unbelievable the amount of devastation that can happen in the blink of an eye.””The fire destroyed a large part of downtown Milo, but it didn’t destroy the Robertson’s resolve. She made the decision to move the restaurant to the old hospital in Milo. “I thought wait a minute,” she recalls, “this building has some sentimental value, and the second we walked in here and looked around, even despite the shape it was in, when we first looked at it in march or april i knew it was gonna make a good fit for all of us.”So with a limited budget Robertson got to work, with a little help from her friends. “We had to do a lot of the work ourselves,” Robertson says, “we had to use friends who could do what they could do when they weren’t working.” Patty Estes and Tammy Vail are two of those friends. “Inside and out,” says Estes, “the outside needed repairs the inside obviously needed repair.” “Basically what I helped do was paint,” recalls Vail, “and I painted every wall in this building.”Robertson says there is one good thing that has come from all of this. “We have a bigger staff, yesterday we had a meeting of the crew I’m hiring and there were 14 people here so we’re gonna make some jobs for milo which is always a good thing in this area.”This restaurant is a shining example that if you put your mind to it you might be surprised at what you can accomplish. “That camaraderie and that feeling of family abound in Milo,” says Robertson, “every time someone needs something, so after that fire everyone was supportive, this is because of the town this happened, because the town is what it is.”