New Law Bans Smoking at Outside Dining Areas 

Starting today, folks may notice more no smoking signs posted.Especially at outside dining areas, that’s because a new law just went into affect.Meghan Hayward explains.Folks will no longer be “lighting up” at outdoor dining areas in Maine anymore.The new law bans smoking at any eating establishment including restaurants, bars and snack bars.Brett Settle is the owner of Giacomos in Bangor which has an outdoor seating area.They have always been smoke free.” It’s cleaner. It look’s nice. It’s still an eating establishment and even though your eating outside it still does waft across there.”Even though his business is already smoke-free doesn’t mean he agrees with the law.” I am a firm believer if it’s my business and I decide to make an important decision by letting people smoke I should be able to make that decision.”Maddelyn Harden is a smoker and is on the fence about the new law.” Well obviously I feel the rights of others and the needs of others need to be respected. If people don’t want someone smoking around them while their eating I completely respect that and won’t do it.”But on the other hand.” Kind of an invasion of my rights. You know I like to smoke.”Chris Geaghan is the owner of The Whig and Courier in downtown Bangor.Which has been smoke-free since they added an outside seating area.” My customers wanted me to go non-smoking. By the people who pay the bills. The people whose this dining area is. It’s their dining area and they told me they didn’t want to have smoking in the area.”But he doesn’t agree with the law either.” Actually I don’t feel it’s a good idea for the government to decide this. I feel it’s a business’s choice.”He says he think the government may feel like they need to protect us.But what does he think needs to take place instead?” If you don’t wish to be in a smoking environment and you open the door and smell smoke don’t go in. Don’t support it.”