Student Struck by Car; Police Urge Caution 

An 8-year-old boy from Milford is recovering after his bike was hit by a car outside his school.State troopers say around 7:30 Thursday morning a woman was pulling out of the parking lot after dropping a passenger off at the Lewis Libby school.We’re told that’s when the boy on the bike darted out from behind a parked car.The woman told police she didn’t see him because the sun was in her eyes.Her car bumped the boy’s bike, knocking him to the ground.He suffered a cut on his chin and some other bumps and bruises. “This time of year, the sun’s pretty low…people are travelling and the sun’s in your eyes. You need to take precautions and make sure it’s clear before you take off, especially around schools,” Warned Maine State Police Trooper Darren Vittum. “There are so many kids running out from parked cars and parents dropping them off and stuff. It’s up to us to be more diligent about the kids.”The trooper also said the boy was wearing a helmet.Vittum urges all parents to talk to their kids about bike safety when riding to and from school.